Indiana Highway Ends
Multiple isolated segments of routes with the same number. Bridges built to go over divided highways that will most likely never be built. And a circular interstate that once met with its parent route in THREE places (which replaced a state road with an ODD number of terminii -- and no, it wasn't a circular road!)!
Only in Indiana.
That's why this site exists - to show the roads of a state that seems to dance to bagpipes (no, those are not drums, and that is most certainly NOT a march) when it comes to route numbering. Read more about the state road numbering system here
   Last Updated: January, 2014

   Interstate Highways
I-64 I-65 I-69 I-70 I-74 I-80 I-90 I-94 I-164 I-165 *I-265 I-275 I-294 *I-465 I-469 I-865

   US Highways
US 6 US 12 US 20 US 24 US 27 US 30 US 31 US 33 US 35 US 36 US 40 US 41 US 50
US 52 US 112*US 131 US 136 US 150 US 152*US 224 US 231 US 421 US 460*US 641*

   Current State Roads
SR 1SR 2SR 3SR 4SR 5SR 7SR 8SR 9SR 10SR 11SR 13SR 14
SR 15SR 16SR 17SR 18SR 19SR 22SR 23SR 25SR 26SR 28SR 29SR 32
SR 37SR 38SR 39SR 42SR 43SR 44SR 45SR 46SR 47SR 48SR 49SR 51
SR 53SR 54SR 55SR 56SR 57SR 58SR 59SR 60SR 61SR 62SR 63SR 64
SR 65SR 66SR 67SR 68SR 69SR 70SR 71SR 75SR 101SR 103SR 104SR 105
SR 106SR 109SR 110SR 111SR 114SR 115SR 116SR 117SR 119SR 120SR 121SR 124
SR 127SR 128SR 129SR 130SR 134SR 135SR 140SR 142SR 143SR 144SR 145SR 148
SR 149SR 152SR 154SR 156SR 157SR 158SR 159SR 160SR 161SR 162SR 163SR 164
SR 165SR 166SR 167SR 168SR 201SR 203SR 205SR 211SR 212SR 213SR 218SR 225
SR 227SR 229SR 232SR 234SR 235SR 236SR 237SR 240SR 241SR 243SR 244SR 245
SR 246SR 249SR 250SR 252SR 256SR 257SR 258SR 261SR 262SR 263SR 264SR 265
SR 267SR 269SR 301SR 312SR 327SR 331SR 332SR 335SR 337SR 340SR 341SR 350
SR 352SR 356SR 357SR 358SR 362SR 364SR 427SR 441SR 445SR 446SR 450SR 458
SR 462SR 520SR 524SR 545SR 550SR 558SR 641SR 645SR 650SR 662SR 727SR 750
SR 827SR 912SR 930SR 931SR 933
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   Decommissioned State Roads
SR 6SR 21SR 33SR 34SR 35SR 73SR 79SR 100SR 102SR 107SR 112SR 113
SR 118SR 122SR 123SR 126SR 131SR 132SR 133SR 136SR 141SR 146SR 202SR 208
SR 209SR 210SR 216SR 219SR 220SR 221SR 223SR 230SR 231SR 238SR 259SR 266
SR 303SR 311SR 313SR 316SR 318SR 319SR 324SR 329SR 330SR 334SR 342SR 343
SR 345SR 346SR 367SR 403SR 407SR 420SR 431SR 434SR 435SR 443SR 469SR 513
SR 526SR 527SR 532SR 534SR 552SR 555SR 562SR 627SR 762SR 829

   Old State Roads
  Between 1918 and 1926, another state road numbering scheme was in place. When some US highways came into being in Indiana in 1926, the numbering scheme had changed to the current system. The old system, like the current system, had discontiguous sections of the same route.
  Old SR 1 Old SR 2 Old SR 3 Old SR 4 Old SR 5 Old SR 6 Old SR 7 Old SR 8 Old SR 9
  Old SR 10 Old SR 11 Old SR 12 Old SR 13 Old SR 14 Old SR 15 Old SR 16 Old SR 17 Old SR 18
  Old SR 19 Old SR 20 Old SR 21 Old SR 22 Old SR 23 Old SR 24 Old SR 25 Old SR 26 Old SR 27
  Old SR 28 Old SR 29 Old SR 30 Old SR 31 Old SR 32 Old SR 33 Old SR 34 Old SR 35 Old SR 36
  Old SR 37 Old SR 38 Old SR 39 Old SR 40 Old SR 41 Old SR 42 Old SR 43 Old SR 44 Old SR 45
  Old SR 46 Old SR 47 Old SR 48 Old SR 49 Old SR 50 Old SR 51 Old SR 53 Old SR 54 Old SR 55

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