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Interstate 275

As the part of the Cincinnati bypass, it actually has a single interchange within the Indiana portion. I-275 is the only 3 digit Interstate passing through three states. As with most 3dis, the I-275 exit numbering system is common between Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.
I-275: Kentucky State Line - < 3 miles > Ohio State Line -

Google Map of I-275


Cities Served: Lawrenceburg
Counties Served: Dearborn
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): 2002 Interstate Annual Average Daily Traffic Volumes
Parent Highway: I-75
Freeway: Entire length
Control Cities: Ohio, Kentucky
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Full Route

Cities Served:Lawrenceburg
Counties Served:Dearborn
  Northern Terminus:
      End Photographs
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Entering Indiana from Ohio
Thumbnail image
Looking east into Ohio at the state line
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Looking east at the Ohio welcome sign
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  Southern Terminus:
      End Photographs
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Looking into Indiana leaving the Ohio River bridge
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Approaching the bridge to Kentucky at the state line
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Looking south approaching the Ohio River bridge
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Looking northeast on the Ohio River from Lawrenceburg to the I-275 Caroll C. Cropper Bridge
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  Other Photographs:
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Looking north from the only Indiana interchange on I-275

  Interchange Photographs:
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016 Exit 16: Looking south approaching the US 50 exit
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Control Cities: Ohio and Kentucky

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