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During its short life in Indiana, US 112's western terminus moved around quite a bit. At one point (during its greatest extent, ironically enough) it was shown on maps as US 112S (probably with the assumption that the road to New Buffalo would be labeled US 112N once the stretch from north of Elkhart to Niles was paved); but that was probably as popular as the US 60N/60E idea was in 1926. In the end, US 112 was responsible for two things in Indiana: US 20 going to (near) Rolling Prairie via New Carlise instead of straight across (on Ind 2), and Elkhart's western bypass (now part of Indiana 19).
US112 Section: La Porte - < 0 miles > Michigan State Line -

Cities Served:
Counties Served:
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): SELECT distinct c.county_name, aadt_year, aadt_document FROM county c, highway_county h WHERE h.county_id=c.county_id and highway_id=2112 ORDER BY county_name
Related Highway: SR 112
Status: Decommissioned
Parent Highway: US 12
Siblings: SR 112, SR 212, SR 312, SR 912
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Scanned maps:Map icon » Map of US 112 near Elkhart (1935)
» Map of US 112 extending to South Bend (1931)

Full Route

Cities Served:Elkhart, La Porte
Counties Served:Elkhart, Laporte, St. Joseph
  Eastern Terminus:
      End Photographs
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This is the first reassurance sign for Indiana 19 north of Elkhart. This is the former route of US 112.
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This is the view of the area and signage at the point where Old US 205 becomes Indiana 19. The sign, while a good marker of where the border between Michigan and Indiana is, can be anticlimactic witho
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  Western Terminus: La Porte  
      End Photographs
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This is the view north on Main from Jackson. This would have been the start for US 112 going northbound from here to Michigan before turning eastward.
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This photo is the view east on Lincolnway from Indiana Street in LaPorte. This would have been the beginning of US 112S in 1934.
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This photo is the view west on Lincolnway looking at the intersection with Indiana Street in LaPorte. This would .have been the end of US 112S in 1934
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The final incarnation of US 112 in 1935 and 1936 in Indiana started here, at the intersection with West Lexington Avenue, then US 20. Here 112 goes straight, then turns left to merge with Nappanee Str
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