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SR 931
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State Road 931

SR 931 is the designation given to the former US 31 bypass in Kokomo. This route came into being in November, 2013 when the new freeway bypass opened east of SR 931. SR 931 is a divided highway for the entire length. Much of it is congested commercial development with 15 stoplights in its short run.
SR 931: West of Sharpsville (US 31) < 12 miles > Kokomo (US 35)

Google Map of SR 931


Cities Served: Kokomo
Counties Served: Howard, Tipton
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Howard, Tipton
Related Highway: US 31
Parent Highway: US 31
Highway Name(s): Reed Road, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway
Siblings: SR 131, US 131, SR 231, US 231, SR 331, SR 431
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Full Route

Cities Served:Kokomo
Counties Served:Howard, Tipton
  Northern Terminus: Kokomo   at US 35
      End Photographs
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Northbound SR 931 ramp merging into US 31 freeway (2013)
Thumbnail image
Southbound SR 931 ramp fromUS 31 freeway (2013)
Thumbnail image
Westbound US 35 at north end of SR 931
Thumbnail image
Northbound at the actual northern terminus of SR 931at US 35
Thumbnail image
Southbound SR 931 at US 35 - the actual start of the designation
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  Southern Terminus: West of Sharpsville (US 31)
      End Photographs
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Northbound US 31 at SR 931 (2013)
Thumbnail image
Southbound SR 931 at US 31
Google Map  

  Other Photographs:
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Vietnam Veterans sign on SR 931 south of SR 26

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