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State Road 727

Originally known as Indiana 127 when US 27 went by on (or near) what is now Indiana 127, this short route connects Pokagon State Park to the State trunk line system.

Originally this number was given to a route that went from Pleasant Lake to Ashley and Hudson, then ending at Indiana 327 near Helmer. When I-69 was finished, the section between Helmer and Interstate 69 was renumbered as the eastern portion of Indiana 4, part of US 27 was renumbered Indiana 127 and the present Indiana 127 was given its present numbering.
SR 727: Pokagon State Park () < 0.8 miles > Jamestown (SR 127)

Google Map of SR 727


Cities Served: Pokagon State Park
Counties Served: Steuben
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Steuben
Parent Highway: US 27
Siblings: SR 127, SR 227, SR 327, SR 427, SR 527, SR 627, SR 827
Scanned maps:Map icon » 1940s Rand McNally map
» Current map of SR 127 and SR 727 (2004)

Full Route

Cities Served:Pokagon State Park
Counties Served:Steuben
  Northern Terminus: Jamestown (SR 127)
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Closeup of the end sign near SR 127
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Looking east towards I-69
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The view on northbound Indiana 127 at the start of Indiana 727. While the route is purely east-west, Indiana marks it as a north-south route with this point its southern terminus.
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View looking down Indiana 727 at its intersection with Indiana 127. This intersection was built with I-69, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that the original intersection of Indiana 727 and 127 (as
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  Southern Terminus: at
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Looking east from Pokagon State Park
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Looking west to Pokagon State Park's main entrance
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