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State Road 641

SR 641 is the Terre Haute bypass that is currently is open only from US 41 to McDaniel Road. The remaining sections will be under construction in 2012 and are scheduled to open in 2014. The completed freeway will be 6.2 miles long. It will eventually connect I-70 with US 41 via the existing SR 46 interchange and new road to the south. The southern section opened in 2010.
SR 641: Terre Haute (US 41) < 3 miles > Terre Haute - McDaniel Road

Google Map of SR 641


Cities Served: Terre Haute
Counties Served: Vigo
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Vigo
Parent Highway: US 41
Siblings: SR 141, SR 241, SR 341, SR 441, US 641
NHS: Entire length
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Scanned maps:Map icon » Map of SR 641 under construction near Terre Haute (2004)

Full Route

Cities Served:Terre Haute
Counties Served:Vigo
  Northern Terminus: Terre Haute  
      End Photographs
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Northbound approaching McDaniel Road
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Southbound from McDaniel Road
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  Southern Terminus: Terre Haute   at US 41
      End Photographs
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Approaching US 41/US 150
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Northbound US 41 approaching SR 641
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Northbund at SR 641 interchange
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Northbound US 41 at SR 641
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Northbound SR 641 from US 41
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