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State Road 552

The road designated SR 552 until the 1950s is currently part of SR 25 in the southern part of Lafayette. It connected US 52 with SR 25/SR 43. SR 25 went through downtown Lafayette at that time.
Historic Section: Lafayette (SR 43) < 2 miles > Lafayette (US 52)

Cities Served: Lafayette
Counties Served: Tippecanoe
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Tippecanoe
Status: Decommissioned
Parent Highway: US 52
Highway Name(s): Earl Avenue
Siblings: SR 152, US 152, SR 252, SR 352
Scanned maps:Map icon » 1953 Rand McNally map
» 1940s Rand McNally map

Full Route

Cities Served:Lafayette
Counties Served:Tippecanoe
  Eastern Terminus: Lafayette   at US 52
      End Photographs
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Looking east towards Tippecanoe Mall
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Looking east towards from the western terminus
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  Western Terminus: Lafayette   at SR 43
      End Photographs
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Looking west toward the western terminus
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