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State Road 532

SR 532 is a decommissioned highway that started in Lebanon and headed west to Advance (SR 75) in Boone County.
Historic Section: Advance (SR 75) < 8 miles > Lebanon (SR 39)

Cities Served: Advance, Lebanon
Counties Served: Boone
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Boone
Status: Decommissioned
Parent Highway: SR 32
Siblings: SR 132, SR 232, SR 332
Scanned maps:Map icon » Map of SR 532 near Lebanon (1956)

Full Route

Cities Served:Advance, Lebanon
Counties Served:Boone
  Eastern Terminus: Lebanon   at SR 39
      End Photographs
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Looking east at SR 39
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Looking west from SR 39
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  Western Terminus: Advance   at SR 75
      End Photographs
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Looking west from SR 75
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Looking west to SR 75
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