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Elkhart County Road 17

NHS Portion Only

Elkhart County Road 17 between US 20 and the Indiana Toll Road is unusual because it is part of the National Highway System. The entire Michiana Parkway section is four lanes and the road connects from M-217 at the Michigan line to US 33 in Goshen.

The part of CR 17 from SR 120 to US 20 had been slated to be part of a re-routed SR 120. The deal between INDOT and Elkhart Count fell through, however. CR 17 would fit nicely into the Indiana state road numbering scheme as SR 17 - the current SR 17 is misplaced and would be better numbered as an extension of SR 29.
CR 17: Elkhart (US 20) < 5 miles > Elkhart (I-90)

Cities Served: Elkhart
Counties Served: Elkhart
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Elkhart
Highway Name(s): Michiana Parkway
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Full Route

Cities Served:
Counties Served:
  Northern Terminus: Elkhart   at I-90
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This assembly at CR 17 shows the M-217, SR 120, and US 20 markers
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Northbound at the Toll Road ramp
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Westbound on the Indiana Toll Road at CR 17 exit

  Southern Terminus: Elkhart   at US 20
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Eastbound US 20 at CR 17
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On the ramp from US 20 eastbound at CR 17
Thumbnail image
Eastbound US 20 at CR 17

  Other Photographs:
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Not part of the NHS north of the Toll Road, CR 17 connects with M-217
Thumbnail image
Looking south where M-217 becomes Elkhart CR 17

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