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SR 462
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State Road 462

SR 462 is a short spur from SR 62 south to Wyandotte Woods in Harrison County. The northern end ends at some beautiful rock-face cliffs.
SR 462: Wyandotte Woods () < 3 miles > (SR 62)

Google Map of SR 462


Cities Served: Wyandotte Woods
Counties Served: Harrison
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Harrison
Parent Highway: SR 62
Siblings: SR 162, SR 262, SR 362, SR 562, SR 662, SR 762

Full Route

Cities Served:Wyandotte Woods
Counties Served:Harrison
  Northern Terminus: (SR 62)
      End Photographs
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Looking south from SR 62
Thumbnail image
A closeup of the end sign
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A wider view looking north
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  Southern Terminus: at
      End Photographs
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Looking south at the park entrance
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Looking north from Wyandotte Woods and Caves SRA office
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