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SR 458
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State Road 458

SR 458 is a short spur off SR 158 near Bedford. When current SR 158 was part of SR 58, this spur was designated SR 158.
SR 458: (SR 158) < 1.1 miles > Moses Fell Annex Farm -

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Cities Served: Moses Fell Annex Farm
Counties Served: Lawrence
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Lawrence
Parent Highway: SR 58
Siblings: SR 158, SR 258, SR 358, SR 558

Full Route

Cities Served:Moses Fell Annex Farm
Counties Served:Lawrence
  Northern Terminus:
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Looking north at Moses Fell Annex Farm
Thumbnail image
Looking north to the terminus from a distance
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Looking south from Moses Fell Annex Farm
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  Southern Terminus: (SR 158)
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Looking south to SR 158
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Looking west
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