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State Road 431

The most recent route of SR 431 went from US 31 in Carmel south to I-465 in northern Indianapolis. The route was decommissioned and turned over to the City of Carmel. Under the control of Carmel, unlike while under the control INDOT, is building a series of interesting interchanges.

This section was a divided highway with controlled access though it had more than its share of stoplights causing long travel times. This section used to go to old SR 37 in Indianapolis near the state fairgrounds. For a long while, SR 431 had a single long section going from Carmel to Greenwood, but it eventually was broken up into two sections. The resulting southern SR 431 southern section went from Indianapolis to Greenwood.

Background: At one time, before the building of the SR 431 on Keystone Avenue, SR 431 ran from the connection of Range Line Road and US 31 ( near current SR 431 and US 31 come together) to what is now Meridian Street and Westfield Blvd on the northside. All of the sections of SR 431 that existed originally were US 31.

The northern section was rerouted mainly due to narrow space in Broad Ripple. Westfield Blvd (formerly SR 1, US 31 and SR 431) is a nice drive, but is very narrow.

The southern section became SR 431 in 1948 with the building of the US 31 "bypass". The City of Greenwood, whose downtown area is at Madison and Main, had buildings built right up to the sidewalk. There was no way to expand the road there, so the state just bypassed it.

The photos below show the new post-INDOT interchanges on what once was SR 431.
SR 431: Indianapolis (I-465) < 5.7 miles > Carmel (US 31)
Historic Southern Section: Greenwood (US 31) < 0 miles > Indianapolis (US 31)

Cities Served: Carmel, Indianapolis
Counties Served: Hamilton, Marion
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Hamilton, Marion
Status: Decommissioned
Parent Highway: US 31
Highway Name(s): Keystone Avenue
Siblings: SR 131, US 131, SR 231, US 231, SR 331, SR 931
Expressway: Entire length from US 31 to I-465
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Scanned maps:Map icon » Map of southern section of SR 431 (1985)
» Map of SR 431 near Meridian Hills (1940s)
» Map of northern section of SR 431 extending down to SR 37 (1968)

Current Section:

The current section joins US 31 and I-465 primarily in Hamilton County. This section used to extend south to SR 37 (Fall Creek Parkway) in Indianapolis.
Cities Served:Carmel, Indianapolis
Counties Served:Hamilton, Marion
  Northern Terminus: Carmel   at US 31
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Looking north at the merge with US 31 at 146th St.
Thumbnail image
Looking south on US 31 north of the junction with SR 431
Thumbnail image
Looking south where SR 431 begins at US 31 in Carmel
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  Southern Terminus: Indianapolis   at I-465
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Thumbnail image
Looking south on Keystone Avenue at I-465
Thumbnail image
Looking north from I-65
Thumbnail image
Southbound SR 431 at I-465
Thumbnail image
Looking west on I-465 at SR 431
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  Old Ends Photographs:
Thumbnail image
Looking north at the old terminus at current US 31 and Range Line Rd. (by Clay Terrace SC)

  Interchange Photographs:
Thumbnail image
Looking northwest at the 146th Street exit
Thumbnail image
Souuthbound on Keystone at 106th Street
Thumbnail image
Souuthbound on Keystone at 126th Street
Thumbnail image
Souuthbound on Keystone at 136th Street

Historic Southern Section:

This section followed Madison Avenue intersecting US 31 on both ends.
Cities Served:Greenwood, Indianapolis
Counties Served:Johnson, Marion
  Northern Terminus: Indianapolis   at US 31
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Thumbnail image
Looking generally south where old SR 431 split from old US 31 in Indianapolis
Thumbnail image
Looking north on Madison Avenue at East Street
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  Southern Terminus: Greenwood   at US 31
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Thumbnail image
A look at the old southern terminus in Greenwood
Thumbnail image
Looking north on Madison Avenue (old SR 431) from US 31
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