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SR 352
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State Road 352

SR 352 goes from a point east of Oxford in Benton County at US 52 west to the Illinois state line in Benton County. At the western terminus, it meets SR 26 and Illinois route 9. In the 1920s and early 1930s, the part from Boswell east to US 52 was designated SR 22.
SR 352: Illinois State Line (SR 26) < 20.6 miles > Oxford (US 52)

Google Map of SR 352


Cities Served: Boswell, Oxford
Counties Served: Benton
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Benton
Parent Highway: US 52
Siblings: SR 152, US 152, SR 252, SR 552
Multiplex: SR 55
Ending at SR 352: SR 71

Full Route

Cities Served:Boswell, Oxford
Counties Served:Benton
  Eastern Terminus: Oxford   at US 52
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
A closeup of the end sign at US 52
Thumbnail image
Looking west toward Oxford from US 52
Thumbnail image
A wider view at US 52, looking east
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  Western Terminus: at SR 26
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Looking east where SR 26 and SR 352 both begin. Of most interest is the assembly containing both Illinois and Indiana markers, but all are created by Illinois.
Thumbnail image
Looking north along the state line
Thumbnail image
End sign in a desolate location
Thumbnail image
From Illinois, approaching SR 352
Google Map  

  Multiplex Photographs:
Thumbnail image
SR 55/SR 352: Looking south from downtown Oxford

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