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SR 341
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State Road 341

SR 341 is a relatively minor highway that goes from SR 28 in northeastern Foutain County south to SR 234 just south of Wallace in southeastern Fountain County.
SR 341: (SR 234) < 22 miles > (SR 28)

Google Map of SR 341


Cities Served: Hillsboro
Counties Served: Fountain
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Fountain
Parent Highway: US 41
Siblings: SR 141, SR 241, SR 441, SR 641, US 641
Multiplexes: SR 32, US 136

Full Route

Cities Served:Hillsboro
Counties Served:Fountain
  Northern Terminus: (SR 28)
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Closeup of the ends sign assembly
Thumbnail image
Looking north to SR 28
Thumbnail image
Looking south from SR 28
Google Map  

  Southern Terminus: (SR 234)
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Closeup of the end sign at SR 234
Thumbnail image
Looking north from SR 234
Google Map  

  Multiplex Photographs:
Thumbnail image
SR 32/SR 341: Looking east
Thumbnail image
US 136/SR 341: Looking west in Hillsboro (2005)

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