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SR 313
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State Road 313

Indiana 313 was the original routing of Indiana 13, and it took on this numbering when Indiana moved Indiana 13 over three miles to its present location.
Historic Section: Syracuse (SR 13) < 3.6 miles > (US 33)

Cities Served: Syracuse
Counties Served: Elkhart
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Elkhart
Status: Decommissioned
Parent Highway: SR 13
Siblings: SR 113, SR 213, SR 513
Scanned maps:Map icon » Map of SR 313 south of Elkhart (1956)

Full Route

Cities Served:Syracuse
Counties Served:Elkhart
  Northern Terminus: (US 33)
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View at the intersection with US 33.
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  Southern Terminus: Syracuse   at SR 13
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Looking south at the meeting point of US 6 and Indiana 13.
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