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State Road 219

SR 219 was a connecting route between US 20 and US 33 on the Elkhart/St. Joseph county line. With the realignment of US 20 to the St. Joseph Valley Parkway and the truncation of US 33 at the same parkway in southwest Elkhart, SR 219 became obsolete as a state route. The effective date of transfer to St. Joseph county maintenance was May 21, 1999.
Historic Section: Osceola (US 33) < 1.5 miles > Osceola (US 20)

Cities Served: Osceola
Counties Served: Elkhart, St. Joseph
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Elkhart, St. Joseph
Status: Decommissioned
Parent Highway: SR 19
Highway Name(s): Ash Road
Siblings: SR 119, SR 319
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Scanned maps:Map icon » 1995 official state highway map

Full Route

Cities Served:Osceola
Counties Served:St. Joseph
  Northern Terminus: Osceola   at US 20
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This is the PRESENT view looking down old US 20 eastbound as it comes near old Ind 219.
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Looking north on old Indiana 219 as it comes near the old US 20, its terminus point.
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  Southern Terminus: Osceola   at US 33
      End Photographs
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Looking down what was southbound Ind 219 to its endpoint at 933/old US 33.
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This is the PRESENT view looking down old US 33 westbound coming up on Indiana 219.
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Northbound from current SR 933
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