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State Road 158

State road 158 goes from Bedford (just west of SR 37) to a gate at Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. Essentially, the west end is a dead end to the public. The route was originally part of SR 58 before Crane was built. What is now SR 458 was designated SR 158 then.
SR 158: Crane Naval Weapons Depot () < 8 miles > Bedford (SR 450)

Google Map of SR 158


Cities Served: Bedford
Counties Served: Lawrence
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Lawrence
Parent Highway: SR 58
Siblings: SR 258, SR 358, SR 458, SR 558
Ending at SR 158: SR 458
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Full Route

Cities Served:Bedford
Counties Served:Lawrence
  Eastern Terminus: Bedford   at SR 450
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Looking west in Bedford
Thumbnail image
A closeup of the end sign
Thumbnail image
Looking north on SR 37. SR 158 begins about a block west of SR 37.
Thumbnail image
Looking west from SR 450 to SR 37
Thumbnail image
Crane restrictions sign at the beginning of SR 158 because SR 158 is essentially a long dead end
Thumbnail image
Eastbound SR 450 just east of SR 158 beginning
Google Map  

  Western Terminus: at
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Looking west to the western terminus (Crane Naval
Thumbnail image
Looking east from Crane
Google Map  

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