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SR 130
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State Road 130

SR 130 connects SR 149 west of Valparaiso with US 6 in Hobart. The eastern end section from SR 149 to Valparaiso was decommissioned in 2013 making this a rather strange route. Despite passing through a relatively heavily populated area, it is a two lane road.
SR 130: Hobart - West of Valparaiso (US 6) < 13.5 miles > (US 30)

Google Map of SR 130


Cities Served: Hobart
Counties Served: Lake, Porter
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Lake, Porter
Parent Highway: US 30
Siblings: SR 230, SR 330, SR 930
Multiplex: SR 51
Ending at SR 130: SR 149

Full Route

Cities Served:Hobart, Valparaiso
Counties Served:Lake, Porter
The eastern terminus of SR 130 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with descriptions.
Google Map  

  Western Terminus: Hobart   - West of Valparaiso at US 6
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Closeup of the end sign right at US 6
Thumbnail image
Looking south down SR 130/SR 51 at US 6 in Hobart
Thumbnail image
Looking north on SR 130 at US 6
Google Map  

  Multiplex Photographs:
Thumbnail image
Looking south just south of 37th Avenue

  Old Ends Photographs:
Thumbnail image
Looking south to US 30
Thumbnail image
A wider view of the old east end of SR 130 (2004)
Thumbnail image
Looking north from US 30 (2004)
Thumbnail image
Looking east on US 30 at SR 130 in Valparaiso (2006)
Thumbnail image
Looking south on SR 130 approaching US 30 (2006)

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