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State Road 120

SR 120 is one of three three-digit roads that shared its number with an Ohio Road (along with Indiana 121 and Historic Indiana 122). This road also was given the same number in Michigan, so at one time it was possible to travel from Elkhart to Toledo on a numbered alternate route that avoided much of the traffic (compared to US 20) and gave the passenger some different scenery along the way.

While that road still runs pretty much uninterrupted, Michigan has since decommissioned its stretch of 120 and applied the number elsewhere in the state. Ohio 120 still runs over the same routing.

There were plans to bend the road south at County Road 17 east of Elkhart to where CR 17 meets up with US 20. Although some change makes sense since the road ends abruptly at Middleton Road, the change could not be finalized. As a result, Elkhart CR 17 remains the only NHS highway in Indiana not controlled by INDOT.
SR 120: Elkhart - < 59 miles > Michigan State Line -

Google Map of SR 120


Cities Served: Bristol, Elkhart, Fremont
Counties Served: Elkhart, LaGrange, Steuben
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Elkhart, LaGrange, Steuben
Parent Highway: US 20
Siblings: SR 220, SR 420, SR 520
Multiplex: SR 15
Ending at SR 120: SR 3, SR 5, SR 127, SR 827
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Full Route

Cities Served:Bristol, Elkhart, Fremont
Counties Served:Elkhart, LaGrange, Steuben
  Eastern Terminus:
      End Photographs
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Looking east into Michigan. The road in Michigan used to be M-120, but is now just a county road.
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Looking west into Indiana
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View of eastbound Indiana 120 entering into Michigan. There is no sign of entering specifically into Michigan (although the sign saying "Enter Hillsdale County" is there), nor any sign denoting the en
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  Western Terminus: Elkhart  
      End Photographs
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Looking east at Goshen Avenue
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Looking east where SR 120 begins
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Present Terminus: Jackson St. and Middleton Run Road, Elkhart City Limits.
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If the state ever follows through with re-routing SR 120, it would end where US 20 and CR 17 currently intersect
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Looking west from the toll road ramp at Elkhart CR 17. This is actually a few miles from the western terminus of SR 120
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  Multiplex Photographs:
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SR 15/SR 120: Looking east in Bristol

  Old Ends Photographs:
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First Terminus: Middleton Run Road and Business US 20
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1970-99 Terminus: Jackson Road at Goshen Road

  Other Photographs:
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An interesting sign in Orland

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