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State Road 42

SR 42 begins in Mooresville, a southern suburb of Indianapolis, and proceeds west to Terre Haute. It does not go through any other large cities, it parallels I-70, and it is narrow and curving in many places. Thus, SR 42 is a minor state road.

For its western terminus, SR 42 used to go as far as US 41. For its eastern terminus, INDOT made a decision to reroute SR 42 due east over High Street in Mooresville easterly to SR 67 Bypass in 1994. This part was marked as 144 until then.
SR 42: Terre Haute (SR 46) < 62.6 miles > Mooresville (SR 67)

Google Map of SR 42


Cities Served: Cloverdale, Monrovia, Mooresville, Terre Haute
Counties Served: Clay, Morgan, Owen, Putnam, Vigo
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Clay, Morgan, Owen, Putnam, Vigo
Branches: SR 142, SR 342
Ending at SR 42: SR 142, SR 243, SR 267, SR 342
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Full Route

Cities Served:Cloverdale, Mooresville, Terre Haute
Counties Served:Clay, Morgan, Owen, Putnam, Vigo
  Eastern Terminus: Mooresville   at SR 67
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SR 144 ends and SR 42 begins
Thumbnail image
Looking east at SR 67 where SR 42 ends
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An unusual font on the sign showing the start of SR 42
Thumbnail image
Looking east to SR 67 where SR 42 ends
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  Western Terminus: Terre Haute   at SR 46
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Looking east from SR 46
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Looking west at SR 46
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Looking west to SR 46
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Looking north on SR 46 approaching Sr 42
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