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State Road 22

SR 22 is a relatively short route in the north central part of the state with a major stretch of its route cosigned with US 35. SR 22 used to extend east to the Ohio line. As a matter of fact, the current portion of SR 22 was signed as US 35, and only the portion from Gas City to the Ohio line and a portion in extreme western Indiana now designated mainly as SR 352 originally existed. A significant portion of current SR 22 both east, west, and through Kokomo is scheduled to be widened by 2010.

The western section existed in the 1920s and 1930s covering parts of current SR 352 and SR 26. This was a better numbering than the current SR 352 designation. The eastern part from Upland to the Ohio line was decommissioned in the mid-1970s.
SR 22: Burlington (SR 29) < 50.6 miles > Upland (SR 26)
Historic Western Section: Illinois State Line () < 22 miles > Boswell (US 41)

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Cities Served: Burlington, Gas City, Greentown, Kokomo, Upland
Counties Served: Carroll, Grant, Howard
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Carroll, Grant, Howard
Highway Name(s): Eugene Linn Highway (Grant Co), Marion T. Anderson Highway (Howard Co)
Branches: SR 122
Multiplexes: SR 19, US 35
Ending at SR 22: SR 5, SR 15, SR 19, SR 213
NHS: The part of SR 22 from Kokomo to Gas City - multiplexed with US 35
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Scanned maps:Map icon » 1975-76 official state highway map
» 1927 AAA Map
» Map of SR 22 western end in 1927
» Map of the western section of SR 22 near Illinois (1931)

Current Section:

SR 22 begins at SR 26 just south of Upland and proceeds west to Burlington at SR 29.
Cities Served:Burlington, Gas City, Greentown, Kokomo, Upland
Counties Served:Carroll, Grant, Howard
  Eastern Terminus: Upland   at SR 26
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
The intersection where Indiana 22 ends upon meeting with Indiana 26. This view is looking south. (2004)
Thumbnail image
Looking north going by Taylor University (2004)
Thumbnail image
Looking south approaching the terminus at SR 26 (2005)
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  Western Terminus: Burlington   at SR 29
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Where SR 22 ends in Burlington (2003)
Thumbnail image
SR 22 approaching SR 29 in Burlington (2003)
Thumbnail image
Eastbound in Burlington (2004)
Thumbnail image
Northbound SR 29 at SR 22 in Burlington (2006)
Thumbnail image
A closeup of the end sign at SR 29 (2006)
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  Multiplex Photographs:
Thumbnail image
SR 22/US 35: Looking east on Markland Avenue just east of US 31 in Kokomo. (2004)
Thumbnail image
SR 19/SR 22/US35: Westbound in eastern Howard County (2008)

  Old Ends Photographs:
Thumbnail image
A picture of the intersection that originally served as the endpoint for Indiana 22 when it made it to the Ohio Border.
Thumbnail image
Here is signage for old SR 22 in Jay County (2005)

  Other Photographs:
Thumbnail image
Looking west, this is a part of what used to be SR 22 (2005)

Historic Western Section:

A short section west of US 41 existed in the 1920s. Part of it is now designated SR 352 and part is SR 26.
Cities Served:Boswell
Counties Served:Benton
The eastern terminus of SR 22 has not been photographed for this site. Any and all photos are welcome, along with descriptions.
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  Western Terminus: at
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Looking east into Indiana down current SR 26 (2003)
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