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State Road 14

SR 14 is an original state highway that has undergone few changes. Despite crossing the majority of the state from Fort Wayne to US 41, SR 14 is a relatively minor highway. The only significant changes occurred in
  • the stretch from Fort Wayne to the Ohio line where the routing was significantly changed once, then that whole stretch was decommissioned around 1990
  • the stretch from US 41 west to the Illinois line which was apparently decommissioned in the 1940s
Except for Fort Wayne, no major cities are served. Further, several other east-west roads are in close proximity in most places so this road will never carry a high traffic volume except in the Fort Wayne area where it is a multilane road. Because the majority of the roadway goes through areas with low population, the road has not been modernized. Generally, shoulders are narrow or non-existent, and the surface is not equal to many other roads. Until July, 2005, where it crosses I-65, there wasn't even an interchange.
SR 14: Enos (US 41) < 123 miles > Fort Wayne (I-69)

Google Map of SR 14


Cities Served: Akron, Fort Wayne, Rochester, Silver Lake, South Whitley, Winamac
Counties Served: Allen, Fulton, Jasper, Kosciusko, Newton, Pulaski, Whitley
INDOT County Flow Maps (AADT): Allen, Fulton, Jasper, Kosciusko, Newton, Pulaski, Whitley
Branches: SR 114
Multiplexes: SR 5, SR 25, US 35, US 421
Ending at SR 14: SR 49, SR 114
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Scanned maps:Map icon » Map of SR 14 east of Fort Wayne (1990)
» Map of SR 14 going northeast from Ft. Wayne (1937)

Full Route

Cities Served:Akron, Fort Wayne, Rochester, South Whitley, Winamac
Counties Served:Allen, Fulton, Jasper, Kosciusko, Newton, Pulaski, Whitley
  Eastern Terminus: Fort Wayne   at I-69
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Looking east at I-69 in Fort Wayne
Thumbnail image
Looking west down Illinois Road (SR 14)
Thumbnail image
Looking north on I-69 at eastern terminus of SR 14
Thumbnail image
Looking west at the I-69 interchange where SR 14 begins
Google Map  

  Western Terminus: Enos (US 41)
      End Photographs
Thumbnail image
Looking east from US 41
Thumbnail image
Closeup of the end sign
Thumbnail image
Looking west to US 41
Google Map  

  Multiplex Photographs:
Thumbnail image
SR 5/SR 14: Where SR 5 and SR 14 begin short duplex in South Whitley
Thumbnail image
SR 14/SR 25: Looking northeast on Main Street (2004)
Thumbnail image
SR 14/US 35: Looking west on SR 14
Thumbnail image
SR 14/US 421: Looking north between Medaryville and Francesville (2005)

  Old Ends Photographs:
Thumbnail image
This is the view east from Illinois into Indiana along what used to be State Road 14.
Thumbnail image
Once upon a time State Road 14 extended all the way to the Illinois state line. This is the view west. It ends at State Line Road.

  Other Photographs:
Thumbnail image
Looking east at the new interchange at I-65

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